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Are you planning on getting or giving a puppy or dog for the Christmas Holiday season? Congratulations!! What a thoughtful gift! Hopefully bringing lots of joy and many great days, I mean years ahead. So that was nice…

But, are you sure that is a great idea now? In the Chicagoland area, there’s lots of snow and ice to contend with if you are planning to take the dog/puppy outside to do its business. Kids are going back to school after the 1st of the year, you work, the puppy hates the crate, the sitter is allergic and you haven’t rested in days.  So, that’s a bummer…

NOW WHAT??? Of course, we will recommend training. That’s not why I am writing this article. I don’t want to discourage you, but you have to be sure, I mean, 100% sure that this is the right choice at the right time. We see lots of dogs and puppies re-homed right about early March. (In fact, some shelters call March, “Dump Month.”)

There are many articles on the internet about this, and I don’t want to be redundant. So, to give you some guidance, following is some information that will be helpful while you are planning for your new dog or puppy.

How To Choose A Puppy

Tips for Bring Home A New Puppy

Selecting the Right Dog

Top 10 Tips for Dog Ownership

Bringing Home a Shelter Dog

OK, so it’s not so easy to bring a new puppy or dog into your life. But in the end the unconditional love and companionship is worth it!

Happy Holidays! May your year be full of love and laughter!


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