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It’s National Walk Your Dog Week! (the first week of October)

  • How is walking your dog?
  • What’s happening at the end of the leash?
  • Who is walking who?
  • Are you being pulled or pulling?

Read our Tips for a Pleasant Walking Experience:

Consider leash size

We recommend a 6′ leash.  Also, the leash should be soft (cotton-webbed) so that when walking, handling, and guiding your dog you are comfortable.

Start small

When starting on your walk, begin by getting get your dog used to a small area.  This means that you do not have to walk all over your neighborhood!  Walk in a predictable grid.  For example, walk past a few houses in one direction (let’s say, North), cross the street, then walk back (South), cross the street.  You should be back to where you started.

Be a leader

If your dog is pulling, simply turn around and walk in the opposite direction.  Keep the leash loose and do not allow your dog to run or pull past you.  Your goal is to have your dog at your side, or slightly behind you, on a loose leash.

Stay focused

No sniffing when doing leash training exercises. If your dog is doing more sniffing than walking, it’s akin to him/her reading a book during your walk. Your dog can not concentrate on your leash walking exercise while sniffing!

Click here to read more from Bark Busters on finding the right dog leash for your pet!

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