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At Bark Busters, we have trained thousands and thousands of shelter dogs. In fact, our company was built for the shelter dog. Most clients we have worked with do not have any history on their newly adopted dog. Our wonderful shelter volunteers drive hours to get puppies and dogs from places such as Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Southern Illinois and Indiana (just to name a bunch). What these dogs have gone through in their very short lives, we will NEVER know. But, if we have patience and set aside time everyday, we can gain so much from the love and companionship from adopting or fostering a dog from a rescue or shelter.

But, what’s next now that the dog is home? He’s not eating! He’s pooping and peeing in the house! He’s growling when you approach him when eating! He’s trying to bolt! Your other dog is hating this! Here’s a secret: This is not uncommon behavior and can be addressed with behavior modification training. Here are some Tips for Bring Home A Shelter Dog



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