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I first had Bark Busters come out over 2 years ago. It was fantastic!!! But as time went by I became lazy and lost my "pack leader" status with Lola. I was having a party, so I contacted Janet and she came over immediately. Lola was not the one that needed to be retrained, it was me!! After a couple hours with Janet here showing me the way again, both Lola and I were on the same page as who is the leader. She was a perfect dog at the party and everyone was so impressed how good she was. They made comments that their dogs would not be so well behaved with so many new faces around. Bark Busters is truly the way to go to train your dog as well as yourself. Thank you, Janet!  -- Judie Zuchel, Chicago, IL (Trainer: Janet Osberg - Dog Trainer in Park Ridge, Niles and Chicago)

Having Janet come to our house made all the difference. Results were amazing! Great job! We can see the light at the end of the tunnel – and the tunnel isn’t very long! --Kathe W., Lincolnwood, IL
We have been through numerous training and this method REALLY seems to work where the others did not. Explanations of the training made sense on how to relate to the dog and were very helpful. --Dee L. Des Plaines, IL

ABSOLUTELY would recommend. EVERYONE should be given a Bark Busters gift subscription with every new puppy! We noticed marked improvement in just 2 1/2 hours. BRAVO! --Joy S., Park Ridge, IL

Janet was more than patient with any questions and explained everything in full detail. Her interest was in helping us and Ralphie. I like the technique; already I see my dog paying attention, and I like the fact that Bark Busters is always available if you need them. --Alice L., Norridge, IL

I would recommend Bark Busters because I saw results sooner than expected. I’m glad I called Bark Busters before giving up on Donita. --Vanessa L., Chicago, IL

Bark Busters training is a very helpful way of treating your dog to get the desired behaviors. My trainer was very knowledgeable and treated my pets very well. --Catherine L., Park Ridge, IL

Janet was concise and knowledgeable and very patient with the humans in the pack. The results are positive and almost immediate and she taught an old dog new tricks. --Laura D., Niles, IL

I noticed a change within minutes and would recommend Bark Busters because of the humane techniques. --Melissa O., Morton Grove, IL

The theory behind their method makes sense and works. --Jennifer S., Franklin Park, IL

Would definitely recommend. I saw an almost immediate response and the results were fantastic. --Sherry D., Chicago, IL

Saw results immediately and liked the natural training technique. --Cheryl S., Harwood Heights, IL.

Daisy seems calmer and less frantic at the front door. Daisy’s new behavior will be a great marketing message to my neighbors. --Alice R., Chicago, IL

I would recommend Bark Busters because of the results and the Lifetime Guarantee. --Doniece W., Chicago, IL


Many behavioral issues create a need for an In Home Dog Trainer.
We often hear the following calls for help:

"my dog has barking issues"
"my dog is aggression"
"my dog won't sit/stay"
"my dog pulls on leash"
"my dog ignoring me"
"my dog has bad manners"
"my dog is crazy"
"help me with my hyper dog"
"my dog won't listen"
"my dog won't come when called"
"my dog is annoying strangers"
"my dogs have sibling rivalry"
"my dog is aggressive and biting"
"my dog need potty training"
"my dog pees in house"
"my dog poops in house"
"my dog is scared and nervous"
"my dog is scared of men"
"my dog is barking all the time"
"my dog is biting me"
"my dog is nipping"
"my dog is chewing on everything"
"my dog is jumping on people"
"my dog is humping other dogs"
"my dog is growling at other dogs"
"my dog is snapping at people"
"my dog is snarling other dogs"
"my dog is chasing kids"
"my dog is chasing cars"

"my dog is stealing paper"
"my dog is pulling on the leash"
"my dog is running away"
"my dog is bolting out the door"
"my dog is growling when being fed"
"my dog is digging"
"my dog is stealing food"
"my dog is stealing clothes"
"my dog need help with socialization"
"my dog is growling at my family"
"my dog is aggressive with other dogs"
"my dog is aggressive with people"
"my dog is aggressive on-leash"
"my dog will not sit-stay in public"
"my dog will not sit-stay in public"
"my dog will not come-stay in public"
"my dog will not heel in the park"
"my dog will has bad manners in the house"
"my dog has crazy mean behavior in the car"
"my dog has wild dog behavior in the car"
"my dog is aggressive in the car"
"my dog is ignoring my commands"
"my dog bother us while we eat"
"my dog jumps on my friends"
"my dog is humping on my friends"
"my dog is annoying my guests"
"my dog is annoying at night"
"my dog is chasing rabbits"
"my dog is going in the trash"
"my dog is chasing squirrels"


Providing, personalized, one-on-one dog training in your home with a specialized team of professional dog trainers and dog behavior therapists for dogs and their human companions.

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