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-- Renee M., Batavia, IL We learned more than expected. "M" understood something was different. I didn't like having to have a treat in my hand every time. Now I don't have to do that for good behavior. Jan sat down with us and explained and then showed us how to do it. We would recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors!

-- Ron R., Elgin, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Without question, Jan was awesome. Bark Busters was without a doubt the best training technique for any dog. I love how it works so fast. Blue is already a changed dog!

---- Cecelia & Rich C., Elgin, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren) 2/12/10 Thank you for your response to my cry for help on Friday. The results are amazing, and I knew in my heart it was just a "little thing"—Tara (one-year-old Chihuahua) took Winners Bitch on Saturday at the show in DeKalb and the Best of Winners on Sunday! It was so amazing what a little "help" from Mommy can do. Thank you for your help—from the bottom of my heart. We will keep you posted, as her "career" to a Champion continues. 5/18/10 Subject: Our Little Winner Well, it was an exciting weekend. Tara was BEST OF WINNERS Saturday and Sunday in Rock Island, Illinois. We have mastered the "growl" and it has certainly made a difference in her show career.  Only three points to go and she will have all her extra points, then on to finding 2 majors......Thanks for your help that Friday afternoon, it made quite a difference in her performance. 6/6/10 UPDATE Just wanted you to know that Tara was Winner Bitch on Sat. and Best of Breed on Sunday at the Woodstock, IL., shows. Woot, woot, woot! 8/6/10 UPDATE Jan, Tara is taking the show circuit by storm now...she WON a Major this weekend in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and only has 1 more to go to be a champion! When she finishes, I will send you a picture. Thank you!

-- Chris B., Bartlett, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
The training experience was interesting and enjoyable. Wick has taught us some various techniques to handle our doxie. Excellent on all counts!

-- Rich & Ila B., Hanover Park, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Before Wick from Bark Busters, our dog would take us for a walk. Now we enjoy a relaxing trip around the block!

-- Jessica F., West Chicago, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
It's an easy concept to learn. Jan explained everything so that it was easy to understand. Our 7-year-old bulldog learned quickly and so did the younger ones.

-- Mary B., Bartlett, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Our 2-year-old female puggle was way out of control and recently had started snapping at our 8-month-old baby. We had two options: it was to get her to completely change or to get rid of her. Jan came over and showed us things that were actually working! She made us realize that this whole time our dog thought that she was the pack leader. It is only day 2, and already we notice a difference! I can't believe we will eventually have a normal dog!

-- Renee & Andy S., Greendale, WI (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)                                                                                                                                                             I adopted a rottweiler that was out of control. I was her last chance. Jan and Wick walked into my home, and within a couple of hours had her on her way to becoming a different dog. I feel like I received a top notch education on training methods and gained a training team that seem like friends I have know forever!

-- Jaci Czerwinski, Batavia, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
My husband and I have a 7-lb adorable cockapoo. She'll be a year old next month. At about 6 months, she started doing a lot of yapping. We wanted a small dog that we could puppy litter train -- but NOT a barker. Then my father was ill so I was out of town for 2 weeks. Now, our litter-trained Taffy was having at least one accident a day on our carpet. Bark Busters -- Jan -- to the rescue. She spent close to 3 hours with us. We discussed all of Taffy's problems and were shown how to correct them. I still can't believe how fast Taffy picked up on the techniques. We had ONE more accident in the living room -- that's it. Its been almost a month now, and she is totally house broken. It took us about 3 days to get her to stand back from front door when doorbell was rung. Now no barking and polite greetings. I know -- it's amazing. But if you follow instructions, it works!

-- Judy Nash, Elgin, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Better way of learning without treats. Almost immediate results. Easy methods to practice and use on a regular basis

-- M. Guthrie, Elburn, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
I love the personal attention that was given. The training methods are very positive and easy to understand.

-- Becka T., West Chicago, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Very good instructor, and within hours we had a better dog!

-- Tony & Denise F., Bartlett, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
It was so exciting to see positive results in such a short period of time!

-- Beverly T., Geneva, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
I was amazed! The session gave me a lot of insight into my dogs' bad behavior. I would recommend Bark Busters because I already see my dogs making progress after the first visit. I was amazed at the diagnostics. That she was able to identify the pack order and personality traits of my three dogs.

-- Diane M., South Elgin, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
We noticed a big difference even after just a couple hours.

-- Carol L., South Elgin, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Jan was very clear on how I must represent myself as the "leader" in order to have Zoe relax and be the fun pet we know she can be. Hail to the "BAH." Natural is the way to go. Understanding the dog is key.

-- Karen Q., Winfield, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Noticeable results "especially with door manners & leash walking. Much simpler than treat training. We feel we were able to gain all of the knowledge needed to train our dog and make her the kind of pet we've always wanted."

-- Chuck & Stephanie K., South Elgin, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Techniques are easy to incorporate into our daily lives. The immediate results were remarkable. Exceeded our expectations!

-- Jason & Kristin E., West Chicago, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
It was amazing that we could get him to stop barking and let someone in the door. I like not having to give a treat to get good behavior.

-- Ron & Michele B., Geneva, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
Incredibly fast results within first hour.

-- Tom & Kay D., Huntley, IL (Trainer: Jan and Wick McLaren)
We were amazed how Lexie responded. She became a pleasure to walk & it sure helps to know what to do. It works. The trainers are knowledgeable and patient. I could see the importance of follow up and reading the information packet from the first visit.

 In Home Dog Training

Many behavioral issues create a need for an In Home Dog Trainer.
We often hear the following calls for help:

"my dog has barking issues"
"my dog is aggression"
"my dog won't sit/stay"
"my dog pulls on leash"
"my dog ignoring me"
"my dog has bad manners"
"my dog is crazy"
"help me with my hyper dog"
"my dog won't listen"
"my dog won't come when called"
"my dog is annoying strangers"
"my dogs have sibling rivalry"
"my dog is aggressive and biting"
"my dog need potty training"
"my dog pees in house"
"my dog poops in house"
"my dog is scared and nervous"
"my dog is scared of men"
"my dog is barking all the time"
"my dog is biting me"
"my dog is nipping"
"my dog is chewing on everything"
"my dog is jumping on people"
"my dog is humping other dogs"
"my dog is growling at other dogs"
"my dog is snapping at people"
"my dog is snarling other dogs"
"my dog is chasing kids"
"my dog is chasing cars"

"my dog is stealing paper"
"my dog is pulling on the leash"
"my dog is running away"
"my dog is bolting out the door"
"my dog is growling when being fed"
"my dog is digging"
"my dog is stealing food"
"my dog is stealing clothes"
"my dog need help with socialization"
"my dog is growling at my family"
"my dog is aggressive with other dogs"
"my dog is aggressive with people"
"my dog is aggressive on-leash"
"my dog will not sit-stay in public"
"my dog will not sit-stay in public"
"my dog will not come-stay in public"
"my dog will not heel in the park"
"my dog will has bad manners in the house"
"my dog has crazy mean behavior in the car"
"my dog has wild dog behavior in the car"
"my dog is aggressive in the car"
"my dog is ignoring my commands"
"my dog bother us while we eat"
"my dog jumps on my friends"
"my dog is humping on my friends"
"my dog is annoying my guests"
"my dog is annoying at night"
"my dog is chasing rabbits"
"my dog is going in the trash"
"my dog is chasing squirrels"


Providing, personalized, one-on-one dog training in your home with a specialized team of professional dog trainers and dog behavior therapists for dogs and their human companions.

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