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-- We have met the "dog whisperer" and it is Brad Howe!!!! We have an Airedale Terrier—a more challenging breed to train, we learned. She is totally trained—to our utter amazement. Through patience, clear instruction to us, and consistency—we have a magnificently well trained and fabulous dog. Her high energy level and need for constant exercise could have been a challenge—but not for Brad. When we needed as little "fine tuning" as "leaders of the pack," Brad patiently visited and helped us out. I cannot say enough positive things about the method or this trainer!!!

-- Shelley Longmuir, Glencoe, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Our dog has made such nice progress working with Brad only two times. He had serious aggression issues when I first called Bark Busters. Brad met with us, and had a thorough discussion of behaviors our pet was demonstrating. Then he met our dog, and immediately started making humane corrections. I am so impressed with how effective the natural training techniques are. I love learning how to train our dogs, and Brad is so nice; even when we make errors he corrects us graciously. The next day I noticed considerable improvements when I worked with him. He walked on a leash without barking at everything, and recognized his place in our family. He was no longer in charge. The second visit resulted in our dog walking so nicely on-leash. It is a pleasure to walk him now. Brad helped us with his aggression to other dogs, and now he is living happily with another family dog! I am so happy I phoned Bark Busters and Brad. His expertise with dogs has improved our dog's quality of life and ours! He is amazing!!

-- Janice Zemaitis, Mount Prospect, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Brad generously donates time to a rescue organization that I foster for—he helps with training issues for problem dogs. Brad has helped me personally with two of my fosters, which made a world of difference in their behavior. The first dog had an excited peeing issue, which I described to Brad. He gave me some pointers to try, and within a week, the problem was under control. The second dog was very possessive with bones and would nip at people if they got close when he had a bone. Brad generously offered to travel about 30 miles to my house to meet with me and the dog. Rather than have him go to that trouble, I thought it made sense for me to first try some of the training techniques he had suggested. INSTANTLY the dog's behavior changed. I've been consistent with Brad's techniques, and the dog has been perfect ever since. In fact, he's one of the best-behaved dogs of the 20-something I've fostered the past few years. The positive behavior change was all due to the training tips from Brad—they worked wonders. This made a huge difference in finding a permanent home for the dog. Brad asked a lot of good questions to understand the issue and explains things in a manner that's easy to understand and gives you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. I believe he genuinely enjoys and cares about what he is doing. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a dog trainer.

-- Paula Z., Chicago, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Brad was not rushed, and if I had questions, he was eager to help me understand the training program. There was a definite improvement following the training ... my dogs are much calmer, and I feel my dogs are much better now. Brad is an EXCELLENT trainer for the dogs and an EXCELLENT "teacher" for me! He's a good listener as well! Very patient! The technique definitely works ... voice commands are effective and humane. Kudos to Brad Howe!! You can see how much he loves his work. Dogs love him too! I'm so glad I took the step to reach out to Bark Busters. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and HIGHLY recommend Brad Howe—he's my hero.

-- Gail Costello, Wheeling, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Brad is terrific, and does a god job of showing discipline, but still showing love for dogs. The training showed IMMEDIATE results with Peyton, and we have already referred him to other people.

-- Arthur C. Nielsen Jr. (A.C.Nielson), Winnetka, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Hi Brad, First off Kevin and I would like to thank you for all the assistance you gave us during your visit this morning. It was greatly appreciated. I swear after you both left I kept thinking of what else I could do to help enforce things around the house. We were able to do a few things when it came to their walk, hearing the chains jingle, going out in back, etc... However, the main reason for the email is Redd, I read over the anxiety packet and got straight to work; I put Cyclone's cage next to his in the laundry room, I put his towel in there earlier then when I get ready to leave, I put a treat in the cage and put my hand through the bars to lure him in, I shut the door and was folding laundry (left him for a few minutes), I opened and invited him to sniff Cyclone's cage, I lured him in his cage again for a few minutes while I was folding again, this time I walked out briefly. Later while ironing my uniform he went in the cage on his own and actually laid on the towel for 5-10 minutes, I was so excited I had to give him a treat and walked away trying not to put to much emphasis on his actions so that it wouldn't lead him to have more anxiety later. That's not the best part..... I was leaving for work, called Cyclone in and then called Redd who I used the same tactics as earlier to get him in the cage and sure enough he went right in, well when Kevin got home after they were in their cages for an hour and a half or so, Redd's cage was bone dry!!!! For the first time in a little over a month since we've had Redd he did not slobber all over the cage and himself. It is an absolutely great feeling!! What an accomplishment in just the first day. I pray that they continue to improve and that Kevin and myself will remain diligent in our efforts to be the leaders of the pack. I look forward to sharing more stories with you. See you in a few weeks. Thanks Again, Erica and Kevin Update :The dogs are doing great, Redd tests his boundaries every once in a while when we're not looking, he made a run out the door the other day but came back when called which was good at least. Today, he had a toy in his mouth when he was about to go outside and I said "leave it" and he dropped it on the floor. Normally, I would grab the toy, say "leave it" and he would open his mouth and I'd put it down but he did it all on his own, I was so proud. Lately, we have mainly been practicing to get them off the living room sofa when someone is outside and keep them from jumping on the storm door.

-- Erica and Kevin, Palatine, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
My adult son, who lives in Palatine, IL, several miles away from me, got a puppy at the end of 2007. The sweet little thing grew within a few months, to be a big, wild, exuberant mass of whirling-dervish muscle. No one could visit my son's condo without being assaulted by fun-loving Cali. She liked to jump all over the visitor, from every side, and relentlessly, until my son would have to put her in her kennel. We all felt bad that she was too wild to be a part of our social gatherings. My son agreed that she needed training. He enrolled her in another training program. She completed two full courses there, and did, indeed, learn the basic commands, but those trainers did nothing to teach my son how to tame her unsocial exuberance. In fact, she behaved no better to guests than she did before the training courses. We knew something had to be done to reclaim her before everyone would grow so fed up that she'd be spending her entire life in her crate. That's when we turned to Bark Busters and the trainer for Palatine, Brad Howe. What an amazing transformation I saw in that dog during the first hour of Brad's lesson! Cali almost knocked me over when I arrived, but she sat obediently in the kitchen when I put on my jacket to leave. It seemed a miracle! I had my doubts whether there would be lasting results; so I was eager to return to my son's place two weeks later for the second session with Brad. Cali did not assault me when I arrived as I had expected. Amazing! Brad achieves these amazing results without the use of harsh words or food treats. There is no yelling and no physical punishment. Brad is an informative, entertaining, and sincere teacher. He is clear and patient in offering guidelines to the pet owner. He puts the responsibility for the dog's good behavior on the owner, where it should be. Unruly dogs can be socialized to interact civilly with house guests when their owners are given the proper instruction. Brad knows how!

-- Genie Lerch-Davis, Lake Zurich, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Everything was explained in a way that made training a pleasing experience for all of us. After the first visit, Brutus didn't bark at the door, or nip. Jumping on the couch...doesn't attempt it at all. Brad is very personable. Shares both positive and negative experiences to help training Brutus. We noticed results after the first visit. Worth the price, and then some.

-- Julie C., Mount Prospect, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
It is so important for the owner to know what to do. It's not as much about the dog, as it is the person. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

-- Cindy W., Arlington Heights, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Improved issues quickly. Very simple effective techniques provided immediate results, and are going to be simple to use in the future.

-- Dave W., Arlington Heights, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Everyone noticed that Dusty is a different dog. The corrections DO work. They guaranty results. I will not have to shell out money all the time.

-- Tanya S., Northbrook, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
It is easy to understand, and follow. We were given many opportunities to implement the training. Much more docile by the end of the session.

-- Alana T., Palatine, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Well-trained dogs make a happier family, owners, and dogs. People with well behaved dogs will keep them for life, in most cases. Bark Busters should be mandatory for all new dog owners. It is the only way dogs should be trained.

-- Linda B., Arlington Heights, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
It was like someone swapped dogs when we weren't looking.

-- Chris M., Mt Prospect, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Brad was easy going and easy to talk to. I don't like pinch collars; this was better than the others we have tried.

-- Lori P., Arlington Heights, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
There is not enough room to write how happy we are with Bark Busters....We were amazed at the quick and successful response.

-- Claudette E., Arlington Hts., IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Remarkable Results! . . . It was/is very beneficial to making our home happy again! . . . Brad is an EXCELLENT instructor !

-- Mary N., Mount Prospect, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Brad was very clear. . . . The biggest advantage is that the trainer comes to your house and shows you very SPECIFIC methods for behavior corrections at your home. Brad was great and seemed to love dogs.

-- Selena M., Glenview, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Very good results; Very impressive!

-- Cindy K., Wheeling, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
No physical harm to the dog, very pleasing, very easy, not complicated.

-- Alan M., Arlington Heights, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
She's listening well with every command. . . . I like that there is no physical reprimanding, it just getting her attention and correcting her . . . it is helpful understanding her mind better. . . . She is a different dog, more calm and submissive.

-- Kim K., Mount Prospect, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Very clear and helpful. A major change in his door manners within 10 to 15 minutes. Seems logical and effective. Able to deal with all our issues without creating a dependence on treats.

-- William N., Arlington Heights, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Not doggy boot camp, it's in the environment you and your dog live in. In home, one on one training; with revisits when you "lose"control; very, very nice feature.

-- Edie T., Mount Prospect, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
The very first night we see a huge difference in our two dogs. Unbelievable.

-- Bella P., Wheeling, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
It was easy to follow and understand. He answered all our many questions and made sure we understood. Our dog was quickly calm and able to get the expectations we had for her.She can be very stubborn and she picked it up very quickly. It is very easy to use and can just be tweaked to each area of the training. We saw results right away. It is a safe gentle approach.

-- Britta W., Mount Prospect, IL (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
It looks like this training system really works.

-- Matt K. - Palatine, IL, (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )
Brad was very calm. Explained everything clearly. Did a Great job.

-- Chris K. - Bartlett, IL, (Trainer: Brad "Casey" Howe - Chicagoland Dog Trainer )


Many behavioral Issues create a need for an In Home Dog Trainer
we often hear the following calls for help:

"my dog has barking issues"
"my dog is aggression"
"my dog won't sit/stay"
"my dog pulls on leash"
"my dog ignoring me"
"my dog has bad manners"
"my dog is crazy"
"help me with my hyper dog"
"my dog won't listen"
"my dog won't come when called"
"my dog is annoying strangers"
"my dogs have sibling rivalry"
"my dog is aggressive and biting"
"my dog need potty training"
"my dog pees in house"
"my dog poops in house"
"my dog is scared and nervous"
"my dog is scared of men"
"my dog is barking all the time"
"my dog is biting me"
"my dog is nipping"
"my dog is chewing on everything"
"my dog is jumping on people"
"my dog is humping other dogs"
"my dog is growling at other dogs"
"my dog is snapping at people"
"my dog is snarling other dogs"
"my dog is chasing kids"
"my dog is chasing cars"

"my dog is stealing paper"
"my dog is pulling on the leash"
"my dog is running away"
"my dog is bolting out the door"
"my dog is growling when being fed"
"my dog is digging"
"my dog is stealing food"
"my dog is stealing clothes"
"my dog need help with socialization"
"my dog is growling at my family"
"my dog is aggressive with other dogs"
"my dog is aggressive with people"
"my dog is aggressive on-leash"
"my dog will not sit-stay in public"
"my dog will not sit-stay in public"
"my dog will not come-stay in public"
"my dog will not heel in the park"
"my dog will has bad manners in the house"
"my dog has crazy mean behavior in the car"
"my dog has wild dog behavior in the car"
"my dog is aggressive in the car"
"my dog is ignoring my commands"
"my dog bother us while we eat"
"my dog jumps on my friends"
"my dog is humping on my friends"
"my dog is annoying my guests"
"my dog is annoying at night"
"my dog is chasing rabbits"
"my dog is going in the trash"
"my dog is chasing squirrels"


Providing, personalized, one-on-one dog training in your home with a specialized team of professional dog trainers and dog behavior therapists for dogs and their human companions.

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